Pay Rise Must Recognise Value Of Police

THE pay increase police officers receive next year must make up for years of stagnant earnings – and recognise the hard work they put into policing the pandemic, Hampshire Police Federation has said. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the pay freeze imposed last year would end in April 2022, but the amount of the pay […]

Officers Encouraged to Complete Pay And Morale Survey

IT is hugely important that Hampshire Police officers fill in the 2021/2022 Pay and Morale Survey, so that the Federation can push for better pay and allowances. The results of the survey inform the Federation’s work on pay and conditions and general police morale, and means it has more clout when dealing with politicians. Hampshire […]

Hampshire Officers Support Colleagues At COP26

HAMPSHIRE Police officers at COP26 in Glasgow are working hard side by side with forces from around the country, and Hampshire Police Federation said that most “teething problems” had been resolved. The policing operation at the UN Climate Change Conference is one of the biggest ever in the UK, with more than 10,000 officers attending […]

Extended Training For Student Officers

STUDENT officers in Hampshire will now receive an increased period of training so that they’re more equipped on the job. The Government’s uplift programme to recruit an extra 20,000 officers is underway, but new research from the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) found failings in the system to train these new intakes. In […]

Seek Help For Stress

OFFICERS who are feeling under pressure should not hesitate to seek help, Hampshire Police Federation has said on Stress Awareness Day. PFEW’s 2021 Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey revealed that almost 80% of officers said they had struggled with their mental health and wellbeing over the previous year. Nearly 10,000 police officers took time off […]

We Must Celebrate Our Brave Officers

THE Police Bravery Awards are really important for drawing attention to officers’ amazing courage in the line of duty, Hampshire Police Federation has said. The postponed 2020 Police Bravery Awards were held in London on 12 October, where nominees from across the UK attended a Downing Street reception before heading onto the Awards evening. The […]

Hampshire Police Federation joins police family in remembering thousands of police officers who have died on duty

HAMPSHIRE Police Federation joined Federation colleagues from across the country to remember the thousands of police officers who have died on police duty. Secretary Garry Smith paid his respects to fallen colleagues at the 18th annual National Police Memorial Day at Lincoln Cathedral on 26th September. The annual event honours more than 5,000 officers who […]

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