Community Award For Brave Hampshire PC

HAMPSHIRE PC Jordan Janaway has won a prestigious BBC Make A Difference award for her efforts in helping the community, just months after being nominated for The National Police Bravery Awards.

Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said it was “really positive and very well-deserved” that Jordan had been recognised by the public as well as her policing peers.

On 14 November 2020, Jordan, who had only been a police officer for a few months, was off-duty and driving along the M3 to get to work. She saw a man lying on the ground and had to brake hard to avoid hitting him. She got out of the car and, along with another member of the public, dragged the man out of the live lane and to relative safety on the hard shoulder.

The injured man then started to try to pull Jordan down towards him, attempting to sexually assault her, and she had to use force to prevent it. The man was restrained until on-duty officers arrived and handcuffed him. It transpired that the man had attacked his father with a hammer immediately prior to this, and had tried to attack others in a violent mental health crisis.

Zoë said: “It is wonderful that Jordan has won this award because this was a community award, voted for by people outside of policing who have recognised how brave she was on that motorway. It’s just really positive and very well deserved.

“She’s a very humble hero – she would just say: ‘I pulled somebody out the road’, which is not even a fraction of the story.”

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