#CutsHaveConsequences Home Office acknowledge cuts to police resources led to rise in crime

THE Home Office has finally acknowledged that cutting police resources has led to an increase in crime.

Federations across the country have been arguing for years that #CutsHaveConsequences to policing, but this has always been rebuffed by the Government.

However, after a long legal battle, the Home Office finally released “Serious violence:  Latest evidence on the drivers” to journalist Danny Shaw which acknowledged that Government cuts to police resources had contributed to the surge in serious violence.

The document, said: “Since 2012/13 weighted crime demand on the police has  risen, largely due to growth in recorded sex offences.  At the same time officer  numbers have fallen, by 5% since 2014. So resources dedicated to serious violence have come under pressure and charge rates have dropped. This may  have encouraged offenders.”

Zoe said: “We knew all this. It’s not news to every single police officer in the country. It was obvious to every police officer. A lot of policing isn’t difficult – it’s not rocket science. A lot of policing is having a visible police presence on the streets, having a visible police presence reduces crime. The moment you seriously cut that visible police presence then crime will go up. That is exactly what happened.

“When you cut that many police officers, as the government did, and the police Federation warned the government time and time again that cuts would have consequences – and that is exactly what happened.

“The cuts to other public services contributed to some of the consequences, like for example the murder rate of young teenagers in London for example. But it’s blatantly obvious to the majority of people and I guess the majority of the public as well.

“Hats off to Danny Shaw for finally getting the documentary evidence to show that when it does seem that the Government have – frankly – tried to hide it.”


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