Federation chair set to meet local MPs to discuss policing issues

HAMPSHIRE Police Federation is continuing to meet with local MPs to talk about the issues that matter to officers.

Chairman Alex Charge says he’s pushing hard to speak to all the county’s representatives in Parliament. He said: “Our agenda is about resourcing, it’s about the cost of living and the South East regional allowance, and we’re still engaging with politicians to push that message as much as we can.”

Alex said he’d had replies from around 15 politicians, who he’ll be meeting over the next two months.

He’ll also meet with prospective Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) ahead of this year’s elections, including Donna Jones, the current Conservative opposition leader at Portsmouth City Council.

Alex said: “I’m planning to get myself and one of the team to meet all the prospective PCCs for Hampshire in the run-up to the election to explain what’s important to Hampshire Police Federation and the members they represent.

“A lot of that is around pushing for pay and conditions, and also to make sure we keep pushing the provision of the welfare and wellbeing packages that we’ve managed to work with the current PCC to access funds for.”

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