Federation Open Meeting A Success

HAMPSHIRE Police Federation’s recent Open Meeting was a great chance to hear the views of the new Chief Constable, and many officers left feeling optimistic, the Federation Chair has said.

The meeting, held on 6 June, was the first in-person event of its kind since 2019. Officers heard from Hampshire’s new Chief Constable Scott Chilton, as well as its Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “I think the meeting went well and we had good attendance. The Chief Constable and PCC were very open and honest with a lot of their answers.

“Obviously it was a bit tricky, because the Chief Constable has only been in force for 12 weeks.  We can’t really challenge him too much and he’s given a lot of promises. So I’m looking forward to next year when I can properly challenge him on what he’s achieved and hold him to account.

“I think most members left feeling optimistic about what they heard, from both the Chief and the PCC. They definitely seem to be working together.

“We are really lucky, because our PCC does genuinely care about policing and she can be quite influential. For instance, in the days following the meeting, she discussed the industrial rights poll with the Home Secretary.”

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