Flint House #HelpsAndHeals Thousands of Police Officers A Year

Zoë Wakefield, Chair of Hampshire Police Federation, has urged all officers to sign up to Flint House for their own wellbeing and for the benefit of others.

Flint House Police Rehabilitation is a charity, funded by donations from those in the police service and their families which helps and heals thousands of serving and retired police officers every year with physical rehabilitation and mental health support.

Zoë said: “Flint House is just the most amazing place. I went there in 2002 when I’d dislocated my elbow off duty, and the physio that I had was just amazing. I arrived with very little movement and came out with a fully functioning elbow.

“But beyond the physio, it’s such an amazing place, in such a beautiful setting. The vibe there is so chilled that you can’t help but relax and destress. It feels like you’ve been away for a spa for a couple of weeks when you come away. And they do so much to support officers.”

Zoë listed a conditioning programme that helps people pass the fitness test, alongside cancer rehab specialists, a women’s health specialist and long-Covid support among treatments on offer. The centre is also home to equipment that is on par with a premier league football team, alongside an Olympic level weight-bearing treadmill.

Zoë added: “There is just so much that they can do to support officers. I don’t know why an officer wouldn’t contribute to it, because you’re not only looking out for yourself, you’re also supporting your colleagues. And they said that if an officer pays £10 a month for 25 years, that pays for one two-week stay.”

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