Hampshire Heroes At National Police Bravery Awards

Five heroic Hampshire police officers will be attending the National Police Bravery Awards on Thursday 11 July.

Sgt David Gibbs, PC Emma Davies, PC Tim Clarkson, PC Nathan Fulton and PC Scott Thomson risked their lives last August when they detained a man who was carrying an explosive device.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said she was “very excited” to accompany the officers and their partners to a reception at Downing Street, followed by the awards ceremony that night.

She said: “They are a really lovely group of officers and the bravery they showed in the incident was amazing. It could have ended very differently, with tragic consequences.

“It’ll be really nice for them to go to Downing Street, and also to meet other nominees from across the country. Of course they’ll say: ‘We were just doing our job’, but then they’ll hear other officers’ stories as well.

“Also officers’ other halves put up with a lot, in terms of officers not being there for family occasions, so they deserve this too.”

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