Hampshire Police Federation delighted to be visiting stations once again

PUT the kettle on… because Hampshire Police Federation is delighted to be out and about visiting members at police stations and offices again.

Now that lockdown restrictions are being eased, Zoë Wakefield, Federation Chair and Garry Smith, Secretary, are looking forward to seeing colleagues face-to-face once again and hearing about the issues that matter to them.

Zoe said: “I am really looking forward to getting about and seeing actual faces again. I think it is a really big part of the Chair’s role, going to stations and chatting to officers and seeing them face-to-face. We want to know what the issues are and what is bothering people, so we can help them.

“And it is important for them to get to know us as well because even if there aren’t any issues at that time, if we’ve met them and they’ve put a face to the name then it makes it much easier if there is then a problem for them to come and make contact and say, ‘I remember when you came and spoke to us’.”

Zoë urged officers to look out for updates about when she will be visiting and urged officers to come and say ‘hello’. She added: “If anybody has any particular desire for us to come and visit a particular station or team then please send us an email.”


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