Hampshire Police Federation Representation For Inspecting Ranks

Hampshire Police Federation represent all members up to and including the rank of Chief Inspectors.

Most recently, we have been representing senior officers on misconduct matters, raising issues with excess hours and giving advice to colleagues in relation to staffing concerns (see more here: www.polfed.org/news/blogs/2023/inspecting-ranks-part-2-understanding-rest-days-in-lieu/).

We wanted to remind you Hampshire Police Federation is here for all matters concerning all ranks, and ask that you reach out to us via www.polfed.org/hants/about-us/contact-us/ or any of the below-mentioned inspectors directly.

Within our branch, we have a Board made up of the Chair, Secretary, Equality Lead, Treasurer, Conduct and Performance lead, and elected members from the branch council. We have 12 Board members in total, including three at the inspector rank (Katie Clift, Rob Kearley and Sean Duffy, as well as Darren Ord from the Branch Council).

Although we are rankless organisation, we have been working with these Reps to ensure that we are representing Inspectors and Chief Inspectors according to their needs.

If you have an issue, need support or advice then please reach out to us via the details above or through any of the Federation Reps named.

Finally, as a supervisor of staff, Hampshire Police Federation is here not to just represent members through misconduct matters, but also to support victims or witnesses in any criminal or misconduct matter. Again, we encourage members to make contact with us for any support.

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