Hampshire Police officers have been urged to fill in the latest pay and morale survey

Hampshire Police officers have been urged to fill in the latest pay and morale survey which has just gone live.

The research will be used so the Police Federation of England and Wales can lobby the Government “for a truly independent and impartial pay mechanism for police officers and remuneration which factors in the dangers officers face 24/7”.

It is vital that members add their voice to the national campaign, the PFEW and Hampshire Police Federation has said.

Zoë Wakefield, Hampshire Chair, said: “We want officers to take part because people take notice of it. It’s really important to gauge how people are feeling, compare it to previous years, so that we can push, nationally and locally, for changes to be made to improve the working environment and life of officers.”

Officers have until 12 December to fill in the survey when the results will be sent to chief officers and the Police and Crime Commissioner. The Federation also uses them to work with HR to implement or change policy.

Zoë added: “This research is timely. Police officers’ morale is low at the moment. Every force is struggling to meet demand and every force has insufficient officers. Officers are having rest days cancelled, they are being put on 12-hour working days – and I think the survey’s results will be quite significant this year.”

PFEW CEO Mukund Krishna added: “This survey gives all rank and file officers the chance to voice their opinion on the state of modern policing. This cannot be underestimated in its power when we represent their views in negotiations and campaigns. It is an important tool in gathering the evidence that represents the realities of policing endured by our members.”

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