Hampshire Police Station Reopenings Will Benefit Officers

The reopening of a number of Hampshire police stations is “brilliant news” for officers as well as the public, the Chair of Hampshire Police Federation has said.

Police stations in Totton and Park Gate are set to be reopened in 2024, while a brand-new station in Eastleigh is slated for 2025. There are also plans for a total of 10 Hampshire police stations to be reopened – this comes after 18 stations were closed and sold off by the force 12 years ago.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “It’s brilliant news. We’ve had a lot of buildings that have just been sitting empty for years and years, so it’s good they’re now going to be reopened

“It’s much better for officers. They’ll spend less time travelling, they can be more part of the local community. I think it’s what officers want, to be able to work more locally rather than in one big police station that covers a huge area.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones, who announced the reopenings, said: “The reopening of these stations means that residents feel safer in their communities but also that they have local places to speak to officers, report crimes, get updates and share information.”

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