Happy Holidays? Police Officers Need A Summer Break Too

The increase in summer demand has seen Hampshire Constabulary struggling for resources, but it has come up with a good solution that helps officers, the Federation has said.

Every summer an influx of tourists head to Hampshire for holidays and festivals, and at the same time officers want to take their annual leave to go on holiday with their own families.

But Zoë Wakefield, Chair of Hampshire Police Federation, has praised the force for going outside of police regulations to incentivise those who want to work overtime, allowing those with caring responsibilities to take their leave and not have their rest days cancelled.

Zoë said: “A lot of officers have got annual leave booked over this period, obviously a lot of people like to go away. The force has struggled for resources, but it has been very creative so it has gone outside of police regs to offer double time to officers who work lates and night shifts.

“I think the force has done a good thing, because it hasn’t had to cancel police officers’ rest days. It’s allowed officers to have sufficient time and rest, giving them the opportunity to work overtime if they want, when they want to do it, and for good recompense.

“Otherwise the force would have been in the position where it would have had to cancel officers’ rest days, which has a massive impact on people. Not everyone can or wants to work overtime, so this way, those who want to work overtime can, and those who need that rest and time off, or have caring responsibilities, can take holiday.

“I think it’s a bold move from the force. It’s sad that they’ve had to resort to going outside the regs to resource us, and that should never be the case. We should have sufficient numbers, even with people taking holiday. But it’s a solution to a problem that seems to be working.”

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