Helping Inspectors Manage Their Time

A NEW National Federation blog aims to help Inspectors manage their working hours and find some flexibility in their role.

The blog addresses issues including how many hours Inspectors need to work, the finer details of Working Time Directive Hours, and concerns raised by the PFEW Wellbeing and Health & Safety Leads.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “It’s really difficult for Inspectors. They have such high workloads and a lot of demands on them for force meetings, public meetings, etc.

“A lot of them have got other roles, either negotiating roles or they have to do PACE [Police and Criminal Evidence] cover, so it’s difficult.

“But I think this blog is really good at informing Inspectors that when they don’t have these commitments they can work shorter days, as long as they keep track of the hours that they are working.

“As a Federation, we support these ranks, so if people are struggling they can always talk to us.”

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