Home Affairs Committee supports Federation’s #SimplifyDG6 campaign

Police officers can look forward to a much more simplified processes as MPs move towards implementing a raft of improvements to working practices, Hampshire Police Federation has said.


MPs sitting on the Home Affairs Committee on policing have recommended the creation of a “data bubble” trial between the police service nationally and the CPS to save time on pre-charge processes. And a proposed clause to the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill will also expedite processes, according to the Police Federation of England and Wales.


Zoë Wakefield, Hampshire Police Federation Chair, said: “This all sounds positive and really good. It can take days for an officer to complete a file with all the disclosure required since DG6 came in. It’s absolutely ridiculous what people need to do.


“You have to do so much work just to put a file to CPS, to ask whether they’re going to prosecute. If they say ‘no’, all that time has been wasted. It’s a ridiculous amount of detail they have to go into and not proportionate at all. So we really welcome all these recommendations, and a much more simplified system.’

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