Officers in crisis urged to contact the Federation

POLICE officers who are in crisis or contemplating suicide have been asked to contact Hampshire Police Federation. 

More police officers die by suicide every year than are killed on duty, and there is help out there to support colleagues who find themselves in a dark place. 

Hampshire Police Federation representatives are this month taking up specialised suicide awareness and prevention training to help them support colleagues. 

Zoë Wakefield, Federation Chair, said: We are constantly hearing about suicides in other forces, and it is very concerning. We want to make sure that our reps are equipped to help people where they can. 

We are currently supporting officers who are struggling, and the training helps us to pick up on the signs. It can be difficult to have that conversation with someone, so the training helps with that. It will also help us signpost them to the organisations that can help, and hopefully help us prevent someone from taking that drastic step.

Levels of PTSD and stress are higher in the police service than most other professions, and the demands of the job can have an impact on mental health. 

Zoë added: Policing is a tough job and it can take its toll. We witness so many things that ordinary members of the public would never have to see. And there are some real stresses and strains. The majority of people experience 3-4 traumatic events in their lifetime. Police officers experience something like 400-500. Thats the issue. When youre dealing with that much trauma with people at the worst times of their lives, you cant help but take on some of that trauma. I think if you dont process it, then it eats away at you and can make some people extremely poorly.

So my message would be: If youre struggling, please come and get help. Talk to somebody. Dont suffer on your own because youll be surprised how many other people are also wanting help.

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