Oscar Kilo Support Hub For Police Leavers

Leaving the police is a huge shift, so Hampshire Police Federation has welcomed a new online hub to support policing retirees and leavers.

The Oscar Kilo hub can be found at www.oscarkilo.org.uk/leaving-the-police. It offers advice and support through every stage of an officer’s journey, from initial thinking about next steps, to creating a CV, networking, interviews and wellbeing.

Providing support to those who are leaving or who have left policing is a key pillar of the Police Covenant. The Covenant recognises the unique contribution and sacrifices that both police officers and police staff make as a result of their service.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “Hopefully this helps people decompress when they leave the organisation, because a lot of us are a bit institutionalised and it may be the only job we’ve ever done.

“Being in the police is part of our identity, so when you leave and you lose that identity, I know some people have struggled. Some people are absolutely fine. But if people want to go into other employment or set up their own business, it is a big jump, practically and psychologically, so any support that is available to help people going through that process is really beneficial.”

Zoë added: “It’s really positive that a police organisation is doing this. Lots of people are prepping for quite some time for leaving the police, but suddenly they go from having been surrounded by the police family, to not having a focus or something to look towards.”

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