Specials’ Boot Allowance Increased

SPECIAL Constables at Hampshire Police Federation have had their boot allowance increased – meaning they can claim £70 to pay for their footwear.

It’s a win from the Federation and a boost for volunteer officers, said Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield. She praised Federation Secretary Garry Smith, whose hard work led to the increase.

Zoë said: “This is massively important. Our Specials work so many hours for nothing. Most people don’t realise, none of us get supplied any footwear – we all have to go out and buy our own boots.

“But for Specials to have to do that when they’re not getting paid is not right, and it needed increasing. It’s a real benefit for our Specials who can now go and buy the right, appropriate footwear that’s going to keep their feet dry, warm and safe while they’re out, working for nothing.”

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