Struggling Supervisors Should Ask For Help

SUPERVISORS must not be shy of seeking help from the Federation if they are struggling with their mental health, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

Chair Zoë Wakefield was responding to a blog by Steve Taylor, PFEW Deputy Lead for Roads Policing, who supervisors looking after the welfare of others were “encouraged culturally to put their own welfare and wellbeing on the back shelf”.

Steve pointed out that “supervisors are human too”. He continued: “Yes, they earn their money acting as a shield to the pressures of the job, encouraging and setting the right example to their team.

“But, the stripes, or ‘pips’ that supervisors wear don’t protect them from the trauma that their teams deal with.

“Setting a good example is important for any decent supervisor, as is recognising the impact that trauma has on your own health.

“Asking for help when help is required and recognising the signs in yourself – these are all tenets of a strong supervisor.”

Zoë said: “I absolutely agree with Steve. Supervisors do need to take care of themselves, as it can take its toll when you’re supporting others, particularly when some may be going through a difficult time.

“Hopefully most supervisors have line managers looking out for them, but we know that’s not always the case. Sergeants and Inspectors and Chief Inspectors need to remember that the Federation is there for them too. We can help them, listen, and put them in contact with other sources of support.

“If they feel that they are a bit alone and they’re not getting the support from their line manager, then we can do that for them.”

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