Christmas Message: My Thanks In A Year Like No Other

HAMPSHIRE Police Federation has praised its members for their incredible hard work “in a year like no other”.

Chair Zoë Wakefield said she wanted to “personally thank” officers, who have dealt brilliantly with new challenges and shifting COVID-19 regulations.

She said: “As we approach Christmas, I’ve been in the role now for six months. I’m very proud to be representing and supporting all the amazing officers in Hampshire Constabulary.

“2020 has clearly been a year like no other. Policing this year has presented new challenges for officers, at work and at home.

“I’d personally like to thank every Hampshire officer for the part they’ve played this year, on top of everything they normally do, including catching criminals, protecting the vulnerable and finding missing people.

“I hope that those who are working at Christmas stay safe and I hope that you all get to spend some quality time with loved ones.”

Zoë added that officers had “faced some unfair criticism” this year from the public and the media, and had not always received the support they deserved from the Government.

She said: “Quite rightly the NHS has been thanked by everyone for their involvement in this pandemic, but I’m disappointed with the lack of recognition for my colleagues from the Government and the media.

“Looking forward to 2021, it’s looking more optimistic, so hopefully we can all have something to look forward to.

“But the policing challenges continue with us leaving the EU – we’ve got Portsmouth port within our force area, which is clearly going to be very busy. And we know the COVID stuff is going to keep changing. But hopefully some local events will start happening again, like festivals and football matches.

“I know my colleagues are up to the challenge and the Federation will continue to do everything we can to support them throughout 2021.”

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