The Financial Pressures of Christmas

THIS Christmas will be particularly difficult financially for many officers and their families but there is help out there, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

The cost of living crisis, rising food prices and energy bills, along with poor police pay will make this Christmas a challenging time, said Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield.

Zoë said: “It’s a really, really difficult time at the moment. People need to think about their spending: can they come to an agreement with friends and families to spend less on Christmas this year?

“I’ve agreed with some of my friends that we’re not going to do presents this year. You don’t have to buy extortionate amounts of gifts for everyone.

“If people are worried, then have that conversation with your family and friends. I’m sure they’re all thinking the same thing. You can still have a good Christmas and spend time with loved ones. The material side of Christmas doesn’t always have to be so important.”

Zoë added that the Federation and the force had resources to help officers who were having difficulties: “If officers are struggling financially and need help, they need to contact the Federation or the Welfare Fund. Our PCC has just put an extra £50,000 into our force Welfare Fund, so there is help for people, they just need to contact us.”

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