Thousands raised for Flint House in Federation’s Row The Channel Challenge

Hampshire Police officers have helped raise thousands for Flint House by rowing the equivalent of the English Channel at the gym.

A team of officers carried out the challenge at the support and training facilities at Netley.

Zoë Wakefield, Hampshire Federation Chair, said: “We will always support Flint House because it is the most amazing facility. It helps so many of our members, but they are a charity and they run on charity donations, so if there’s anything we can ever do to support Flint House, we will always try to help. So when Andy [Standing, secretary of Sussex Police Federation] told us about the Row the Channel challenge, we thought what a great idea it sounded.”

The officers’ impressive efforts were boosted by a £5,000 donation from Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones.

Zoë added: “She’d recently been to Flint House and saw all their facilities and saw the amazing work they do, so I think she knows that money is going to a really worthy cause that will benefit lots of officers.”

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