Tributes set to be paid to PC Dan Golding at National Police Memorial Day

TRIBUTES will be paid to former Hampshire Police Officer PC Dan Golding at this years National Police Memorial Day in Belfast. 

Dan, who had just transferred from the Met, was killed in a collision on Lower Hatfield Road, Bayford earlier this month. 

Zoë, who worked with Dan as his sergeant before he joined roads policing, says she will honour him at the annual event on behalf of colleagues. 

She said: It is always obviously very sad when you hear of the death of colleagues, but when it is someone you knew… When you know the person and the family, it makes it all the more significant. 

As police officers we go to work every day, a lot of time not knowing whether youre going to come home. We should expect to be able to come home at the end of the day and when officers dont, obviously it impacts their family forever.

I saw PC James Drews parents Rose and Dave last week and it always impacts on me how they are still grieving. The families grieve every single day. It doesnt go away. So to be able to have an event like this, that means that their loved one is never forgotten, their loved one is always part of the police family, is so important. It makes them realise that theyre still thought of and still remembered.

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