“We must provide police officers involved in serious incidents more protection”

HAMPSHIRE Police Federation has backed plans to give officers who are involved in deaths or serious injuries the same level of protection as their firearms colleagues.

The College of Policing has launched a new Death or Serious Injury Authorised Professional Practice (DSI APP) policy.

It sets out the steps that should be taken by forces during such incidents concerning members of the public and colleagues to protect officers legally, ensure their welfare is looked after as well as assist with the investigation that follows.

It will now apply to any Post Incident Procedures (PIP) that take place outside of a firearms PIP – which is covered by its own Armed Policing APP.

Police Federation of England and Wales’ Post Incident Procedure Lead Steve Hartshorn, said: “There has been a deaths or serious injury policy in place for firearms for many years which has been tested through the courts and has set a standard that protects officers and assists with the provision of best evidence.”

“I am pleased to say this new policy from the College of Policing will afford those same protections to all our officers and staff.”

It’s good news for Hampshire Police Officers, Hampshire Federation Chair Zoe Wakefield said.

“Officers involved in firearms incidents have always had this protection, so it’s essential that colleagues involved in death or serious injuries go through the same procedure but for different reasons.

“It’s essential that they are treated the same and offered the same protection. We welcome that, and it is very important.

It’s about ensuring officers get the care and protection they need in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic incident, Zoe explained.

“They are given protection in terms of being looked after and when they do or don’t give their accounts and what happens then during the whole process,” she said.

“This will ensure they get the same protection that officers involved in firearms incidents have.”


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