We Need To Be A Lot More Challenging On Pay

A 10% pay rise could stem the flow of experienced police officers from the service, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

Chair Zoë Wakefield warned that the Government has dismissed policing, and said “more and more” people are going to leave over the coming years.

Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley has called for a 10% pay rise, warning that without it, his force would be 1,000 officers short. But the Government has indicated to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) that a 3.5% increase for 2023/24 was more likely.

Zoë said: “Most officers are expecting a below-inflation pay rise. Maybe 1% or 2% if we’re lucky, because that’s all we’ve had over the last 10-12 years. I don’t think anyone is expecting a decent pay rise. I think more and more people are just going to leave.

“Yes, you’re still managing to recruit, people still want to join the police. But you’re going to have police forces that are just full of inexperience, which then creates a whole wealth of other problems.”

Poor pay and pensions means officers are being lured to jobs elsewhere, including roles in the private sector or even policing abroad.

Zoë said work needs to be done to fight for more pay. She added: “We need to be a lot more vocal. We need to be a lot more challenging. We need to be talking about it all the time.

“I know probably most of us are a bit fed up of constantly talking about pay, but it is the most important thing to our members, so it is the thing we should be talking about the most, it’s the thing we should be discussing with everyone we possibly can at every possible opportunity.

“Most people do still want to do policing, but they can’t afford to stay in a job where they effectively get a pay cut every single year. We’ve got people that are sergeants, that are qualified to be inspectors, who aren’t going for promotion because they can’t afford to lose their overtime. It’s crazy that people can’t afford to get promoted.

“The pressure is on those officers with families whose utility bills are going up, and now we know energy bills are going to go up again in April. That’s worrying for people.”

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