We Welcome New Non-Degree Policing Route

THE Chair of Hampshire Police Federation has said she’s “really pleased” that the Home Secretary is introducing a new, non-degree route into policing.

In her speech at the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and National Police Chiefs’ Council Partnership Summit, Home Secretary Suella Braverman called on the College of Policing to develop options for the new entry route, in order to attract a broader pool of talent.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “This is definitely a step forward. Most people in policing never understood why people had to have a degree to be a police officer. It seemed crazy to us.

“We’ve got lots of people in the force with degrees, and some without, but you do not need a degree to be a police officer. We’re told all the time that we need to represent the public we serve. Not all of the public have degrees, so why should police officers?

“Under the degree system that was brought in, they were expecting people to learn the difficult and demanding job of being a police officer, working full shifts, and then studying for a degree at the same time. Some of our officers left because they couldn’t cope with it. We’ve got people breaking because it’s just too much.

“I’m really pleased that the Home Secretary has seen that and is going to change things. And it means that a lot of people who are older, with families, could now join without having to do a degree. And ex-military people as well, who might not want to go back into the academic world, but want to be a police officer.

“However it’s not clear what is going to happen to the people who are currently on the degree programme. Will they be able to switch across? We have lots of questions about that.”

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