Call For New Posthumous Police Award

HAMPSHIRE Police Federation is backing a call for a new award to recognise fallen emergency service workers.

A campaign launched by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), the Police Superintendents’ Association and the Prison Officers’ Association is calling on the Government for unique recognition for emergency service workers who make the ultimate sacrifice while in the execution of their duty.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “I would definitely back this award because officers and other emergency service workers should be recognised for losing their life in those circumstances. I think about officers who’ve been killed while on-duty, people like Andrew Harper and Keith Palmer.”

The campaigners want Home Office approval and are seeking cross-party support to enhance the current honours and awards system, which fails to adequately reflect the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of those individuals who lost their lives in keeping their local communities safe.

It would be similar in status to the Elizabeth Cross, which is awarded to the bereaved relatives of members of the British Armed Forces killed in military action.

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