Elizabeth Emblem ‘Massively Important’ For Police Families

It is “massively important” that police officers who died in the line of duty will be recognised by the new Elizabeth Emblem, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

The Emblem, which is conferred by His Majesty The King, is a national form of recognition awarded to the next of kin of police officers, firefighters and many other public-sector workers. It is the civilian equivalent of the Elizabeth Cross, which recognises members of the UK Armed Forces who died in action or as a result of a terrorist attack.

Next of kin of the deceased can apply for the Emblem via gov.uk. Nominations will be reviewed by the George Cross Committee and recommendations then made to His Majesty The King via the Prime Minister. Police recipients of the Elizabeth Emblem will then receive their award from a senior representative such as a Chief Constable.

Bryn Hughes, father of Greater Manchester Police officer PC Nicola Hughes, who was killed in 2012, has been campaigning for this recognition for many years, supported by the Police Federation.

Bryn said: “It has been a long journey but very worthwhile. I feel it’s a mixed bag of emotions. It’s relief, and an overwhelming sense of pride. The amount of support from the PFEW has been fantastic – they have been there every step of the way.”

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “This is massively important for our police families. I’ve been fortunate to have had conversations with Bryn Hughes on a couple of occasions and I know how passionate he’s been about this, how much hard work he’s put in. I’m so pleased for him that he’s finally achieved this, and I’m sure Nicola would be very proud of him.

“This kind of recognition already exists in the military, and it’s only right that it’s in the police as well. The criteria won’t apply to all fallen officers, but I think some of our fallen colleagues would be eligible for this. One of our officers in particular, his children were very young when he was killed. Now his children are older, I think it will be important for them to have this recognition for their dad who they’ve probably got very little memory of.”

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