Vote On Industrial Rights For Police

The Federation’s national council has been discussing the vote on industrial rights, which the Chair of Hampshire Police Federation said should happen “sooner rather than later”.

Zoë Wakefield said: “We have just had a long discussion about a vote on industrial rights at the national council. We talked about when the timing would be right, in terms of either influencing the pay award this year, and also about the timing of the general election.

“The general consensus was we need to get on with it sooner rather than later. All we’re doing is asking a question to officers: ‘Do you want us to look into this? Do you want us to take this further?’

“The dynamic in forces is changing, with so many young-in-service officers, who are a different generation and they’re more open to challenging senior management. We need to get a picture of how people are feeling. That gives us a direction.”

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