Federation Will Look After Officers At G7

MEMBERS volunteering for mutual aid this summer will be looked after and their welfare will be a top priority, according to Hampshire Police Federation.

Devon and Cornwall Police numbers will be boosted next month by more than 4,000 colleagues across the country, including Hampshire officers, who will be in the southwest to help them police the G7 world leaders’ summit.

Protests and demonstrations are expected to take place. Given what’s likely to happen, it’s vital officers are looked after while they’re there, Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoe Wakefield said.

She said: “Devon and Cornwall Police Federation have been working on the G7 event for months and months.

“They are feeding into the PFEW about what’s going on – they’ll be lots of Fed Reps down there deployed but also down there just to ensure they can provide the welfare support officers will be needing.”

Accommodating all the extra 4,000 officers being drafted in has thrown up logistical challenges – some will be billeted in a cruise ship moored off Falmouth, while 4,000 hotel rooms have been snapped up by Devon and Cornwall Police.

“Accommodation has been a real challenge,” Zoe said.

“Why they chose a small remote part of Cornwall for the summit, I’m not sure.

“Some of the accommodation for officers will be an hour or so away, so the commute will add extra stress to the officers down there, who’ll be doing a 12-hour shift on site with two hours travelling.”

Welfare vans providing snacks, water, toilet facilities, sanitary products, sunscreen and mobile phone chargers will be on hand to help officers get through what will be some tough days and nights of policing.

“As a Federation, we have a plan in place, and we know the common things officers ask for,” Zoe said. “And they’ll be a mobile number they can call for support. It’s the little things that make a difference.”


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