Plan For Federation To Train IOPC Investigators

THERE are ‘no negatives’ to the plan for the PFEW to have a role in training new IOPC investigators, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

Under the plans, Fed Reps will have the chance to meet investigators during new ‘Meet The Fed’ sessions – allowing new IOPC recruits the opportunity to get a frontline policing perspective.

It is hoped the plan will break down the barriers between policing and its heavily criticised watchdog. Fed Reps will also be able to get involved in investigations with the aim of opening up the lines of communications between the two parties.

The IOPC’s record in resolving often what can be simple minor cases doesn’t always make for great reading, and a lack of communication from investigators can be a real bugbear for officers caught up in conduct cases.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoe Wakefield said the move was highly positive, and she hopes it would help address some of the issues officers face when dealing with the organisation.

“I can’t see any negatives from the scheme,” she said, “whether it will result in real change, I guess we’ll find out, but that’s the real hope.

“Most IOPC investigators don’t come from a policing background or have any policing experience so getting that knowledge from the frontline is really important – they’ll be getting some real constructive input into their training.”

Under the scheme, IOPC recruits will learn about the PFEW’s conduct and performance liaison officers (CAPLOs) who support members from day one of a complaint. They will learn what CAPLOs require from them at each stage of an investigation.

New investigators will also receive PIP level 1 and 2 training accredited by the College of Policing.


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