Hampshire Officers Support Colleagues At COP26

HAMPSHIRE Police officers at COP26 in Glasgow are working hard side by side with forces from around the country, and Hampshire Police Federation said that most “teething problems” had been resolved.

The policing operation at the UN Climate Change Conference is one of the biggest ever in the UK, with more than 10,000 officers attending from forces across the country.

Garry Smith who is working at COP26 said: “There were some teething problems in the first few days, but most of those have now been resolved. Officers are definitely being looked after.

“There is a bit of variance in hotel quality and quality of food, but all dietary needs are being catered for and officers are generally happy. Officers from different forces are working side by side for that common goal.”

Garry praised the officers for working on what was a challenging logistical project, saying: “Some of the officers are working inside the COP26 area, but a lot of the work is outside, doing high-visibility policing and monitoring of protests.

“There’s every specialist skill up there: firearms officers, search officers with dogs, and the marine unit, because the COP26 centre is on the banks of the River Clyde.”

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