Our Officers Should Receive Pay Rise In Line With Scotland

POLICE officers in England and Wales should receive a pay rise this year to be in line with Scottish officers who are getting an extra £950 in 2021, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

Officers of all ranks in Police Scotland will receive an extra £700 from the Scottish Government this year, along with a one-off bonus of £250 for their work during the pandemic.

Meanwhile officers in England and Wales were given a 0% pay rise in 2021 and received no extra money for all their hard work during the COVID crisis.

Hampshire Police Federation said: “It’s great that officers in Police Scotland are getting the extra money, and it’s very well-deserved. But it does add weight to PFEW’s argument to the Government to try to get a fair pay increase.

“Bearing in mind that the cost of living in much of England – particularly the South East of England – is much higher than the cost of living in most parts of Scotland.

“We need to see some parity, especially as at the moment we’ve got officers from England and Wales working closely with officers from Police Scotland at COP26.”

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