Officers Encouraged to Complete Pay And Morale Survey

IT is hugely important that Hampshire Police officers fill in the 2021/2022 Pay and Morale Survey, so that the Federation can push for better pay and allowances.

The results of the survey inform the Federation’s work on pay and conditions and general police morale, and means it has more clout when dealing with politicians.

Hampshire Police Federation said: “It’s massively important, because it’s the only way the Federation gets real evidence from officers about how they’re feeling, that they can then feed into the Government to help with any pay negotiations.

“And it’s not just about pay, it’s for our officers’ South East Allowance as well, so it’s vital that they fill it out so we can get a true picture of how officers around the country are feeling, and how everything is impacting on them financially, emotionally and physically.”

The national Federation said that this year’s survey was more important than ever, as it continues to press the Government for a fair pay increase in 2022.

The survey will close on 30 November 2021.

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