New Non-Degree Entry Route ‘Unfair’

INTRODUCING a Level 5 learning programme as the new non-degree police officer entry route will create unfairness, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

The current Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF) entry route has been assessed as Level 6, and the national PFEW has said that bringing in a Level 5 programme as the fourth entry route into policing is “ill-conceived” and “a cause for concern in terms of ensuring a fair approach between different learning routes”.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield agrees, saying: “You can’t have two different levels in forces, because it creates unfairness. The degree is classed as a level 6, the traditional IPLDP programme is a level 4, and this new entry route is going to be a level 5.

“We already have the situation that forces have continued with IPLDP but then have had to do the degree entry as well. They’ve got some officers having to reach level 4 and some having to reach level 6, and that’s what Hampshire is going to be doing very shortly.

“Then this new entry route will replace the IPLDP, but you’re still going to have a level 5 and a level 6. The question needs to be asked: ‘Which level is the level required to be a competent police officer?’. If it’s level 5, why are we then asking officers to get to level 6?

“It just creates so many issues, particularly if they’re looking at removing officers under Regulation 13. What level are you removing them at? Are you removing them at level 6, level 5 or level 4?

“Also, having the degree programme has had a huge negative impact on our recruitment of people from diverse backgrounds. But the Government are the ones that introduced the degree entry programme. If we want to be representative of the communities that we serve, then most of us police in communities where not many people have degrees.”

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