Policing Brings Challenges During Lockdown

POLICE officers in Hampshire have “struck the right balance” as they advise and – if necessary – enforce the Covid-19 lockdown, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

Despite some media criticism of police work during the coronavirus crisis, Hampshire’s police officers are working hard and have found a “good balance”, Chairman Alex Charge said.

Policing during lockdown has presented many issues as the situation and guidance evolved day by day and was not always clear-cut.

Alex said: “Hampshire officers are being asked to do a really difficult and challenging job in complex times.”

He said that despite the challenges Hampshire Police officers had been doing a “really good” job. He said: “I think they’ve got a good balance. It’s really hard, because there has been quite a lot of criticism in the press of policing, not from Hampshire, but of course people don’t necessarily see that, they just see people in the blue suit across the whole country.

“But the force’s priority is explain, educate, encourage. Enforcing is the last resort. By and large, that is working really well.”

As well as officers having to deal with the public and social distancing issues, Alex pointed out that crime had not stopped.

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