Specials Are Doing A Valuable Job

SPECIALS Constables are doing a valuable job in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, supporting their police colleagues and protecting the public.

Between 23 March, the day lockdown was announced, and 20 April, 129 Special Constables in Hampshire put in 547 shifts, clocking up 4,380 hours of voluntary work.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Alex Charge said: “It’s great to see Special Constables working alongside their regular colleagues in the current climate, with the added risk of Covid-19.

“They put up with the same issues that police officers do, the same level of risk. And bear in mind they could quite easily mitigate that risk by staying at home, but they want to be part of the communities.”

Special Constables carry the same powers and responsibilities as regular police officers. They are not currently members of the Police Federation, but there is expected to be a change in legislation later this year.

Alex said: “I hope that we can formally accept them into the Police Federation sooner rather than later, and I’ve spoken to the Police and Crime Commissioner around how we can fund their Federation membership. I don’t think they, as volunteers, should have to do it themselves. So it should be something that’s funded either by the force or by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

“We really support the Special Constables and it’s key that they’re out there reassuring the public and supporting their regular colleagues at a time of national emergency.”


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