Policing Needs More Than Platitudes

THE importance of frontline policing, the NHS and other frontline emergency services must not be forgotten once the coronavirus crisis is over.

Hampshire Police Federation said the impacts of the outbreak must be factored into future Government planning and that policing needs more than just bouquets and platitudes from Whitehall.

Chairman Alex Charge said: “It’s difficult because I understand now isn’t the time to start talking about how much or how little the Government values us.

“But what I would like them to do is remember public services, the NHS, police officers, how we respond in a crisis, bearing in mind we’re coming out of 10 years of austerity.”

Sometimes it takes crises like COVID-19 to highlight the value of frontline emergency teams, Alex added.

He said: “I’d like the Government to remember this when they’re making decisions about policing, about police numbers, about police pay and conditions.

“It’s unpalatable to have that discussion, but we often get platitudes from the Governments about how we’re required, and we’re loved and the public respect and love us.

“Well, all I’d ask is they remember that when it comes to making the hard decisions about funding, the hard decisions about numbers – you don’t recognise it until it’s gone and it’s at times like now when public services are the most important.”

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