Seek Help For Stress

OFFICERS who are feeling under pressure should not hesitate to seek help, Hampshire Police Federation has said on Stress Awareness Day.

PFEW’s 2021 Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey revealed that almost 80% of officers said they had struggled with their mental health and wellbeing over the previous year. Nearly 10,000 police officers took time off due to stress, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hampshire Police Federation said that officers needed to take time out to relax, and that there was help available to them from both the Federation and the force.

It said: “Officers can go onto the Federation website, where there’s loads of information about wellbeing. We’ve got officers a deal with floatation therapy, so they can have a discounted float through the Federation, which is really good for destressing and relaxation. It’s had really good feedback from officers.

“We’ve also got access to counselling, and within the force we’ve got a lot of information on the Wellbeing Toolkit about stress release. Officers need to take some time out from work, do what they enjoy, do what makes them happy, which will help release stress-relieving endorphins.”

Find more support on stress here:

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