We Must Celebrate Our Brave Officers

THE Police Bravery Awards are really important for drawing attention to officers’ amazing courage in the line of duty, Hampshire Police Federation has said.

The postponed 2020 Police Bravery Awards were held in London on 12 October, where nominees from across the UK attended a Downing Street reception before heading onto the Awards evening.

The nominees from Hampshire Police were PC Christi Hill and PC Tristan Parsons, who succeeded in detaining a violent burglar, despite PC Hill being stabbed with a hypodermic needle in the process.

Hampshire Police Federation said the Awards ceremony had been “brilliant”. It said: “Christi and Tristan felt very special for those couple of days, which is well-deserved after what they went through and what they did. It was really nice to see them recognised for their bravery, see them really taking it all in and making it a really memorable experience for them.”

The 2021 Awards will be held on 9 December, where Hampshire Police nominee PC Jade Rudd will be attending. PC Rudd bravely disarmed a man who had doused himself in petrol on a forecourt and was attempting to set himself alight.

It is vital to highlight these amazing acts of bravery, Hampshire Police Federation said: “There are so many positive stories out there.”

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