South East Allowance Is Not Enough

HAMPSHIRE Police officers should receive a higher South East Allowance, the Federation has said, especially as the Metropolitan Police is offering a bonus to attract officers to its force.

Until this December, the Metropolitan Police is offering a £5,000 welcome payment to all constables transferring to the Met from Home Office police forces.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “We had a regional meeting this week and we discussed the number of officers transferring to the Met and what each force is doing to limit this.

“Some forces have increased their South East Allowance. Hampshire officers now receive the smallest amount, currently £1,100. The next lowest is £1,500. And some forces are even considering increasing it further to the maximum amount.

“Our hard-working officers deserve more and we are having further discussions with chief officers and the PCC about trying to bring us in line with our regional colleagues.”

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