Special Constables Should Join The Federation

HAMPSHIRE Police Federation has held an open evening for Special Constables so that they can learn about how the Federation can support them.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “We had around 25 Special Constables attend our open evening in July. We informed them about what the Federation can offer them in terms of support for pretty much anything – from wellbeing to legal advice. The response was very positive, so hopefully more will decide to become subscribing members of the Federation.”

Zoë said she encouraged Special Constables to join the Federation, as they never knew when they might need it.

She said: “At the moment they are out there, doing the same job as a police officer, but don’t have that legal protection and that support. They’re just as likely to go to a traumatic incident as a full-time colleague, so they should join us so that we can support them, get them legal advice if they need it, and just look after them when they go to those horrible jobs.”

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