The College of Policing needs to do more to promote the work it does for front-line officers

HAMPSHIRE Police Federation says the College of Policing needs to promote itself better to officers because they ‘don’t know what it does.’ 

The college is undergoing a rebrand and relaunch, but it also needs to tackle the problem that many officers simply don’t see some of the useful work and resources it provides, said Hampshire Federation Chair Zoe Wakefield. 

“It’s positive that the College has listened to feedback from officers and are making changes,” she said. 

“They have produced a fair bit of useful material, for example they’ve got a guide for flexible working for managers, and I often refer to this document when supporting officers in relaxed working meetings but I’m usually the only person in the room that’s read that document. 

“The College needs to promote work like this which are useful tools for frontline officers and managers, because I don’t think many are aware of what they do and how much useful information that they have produced. 

“Many officers aren’t clear on what the College does and what their purpose is,” Zoe said. 

“Most people think it’s something for senior managers and it’s not for frontline officers – so I think they’ve got a lot of work to do to promote themselves better.” 

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