Three Hampshire Officers Up For National Bravery Awards

THREE courageous Hampshire officers are up for National Police Bravery Awards and will attend a ceremony in London on 13 July.

PC Robert Davies, PC James Pawley and PC James Langmead managed to save a woman and her two children from her violent ex-partner in June last year; PC Pawley suffered a stab wound to his hand in the incident. The house was also on fire, and the officers got all the residents out and to safety.

Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said: “We’re really looking forward to the awards. Our nominees this year have been through a horrendous incident, so I think it’ll be really lovely for them to be spoiled a little bit at the national awards, and get some recognition for what they went through.

“It wasn’t just the bravery they showed but it was also the compassion that they also showed for the mum and her two children. Just really outstanding police work.

“And the offender got convicted of attempted murder. You don’t get many convictions like that.”

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