Virtual catch-ups set to stay after success during the pandemic

HAMPSHIRE Police Officers can expect to have more virtual catch-ups with their Federation after the online meetings proved a success during the pandemic.

The drop-ins were a great chance for Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoe Wakefield and Reps to check in with members and address any questions or worries they might have.

The Federation ran four sessions before Christmas and have just completed four more, with more to come over the next few months.

Some common themes emerged from the chats, Zoe said.

“Pensions have probably been the most common theme, and post-incident procedures was another one that’s come up a few times.

“We’ve had lots of questions about the group insurance scheme. It’s like the current issues that are going on in force; people want to know what we know about it, answer some of their questions.

“The sessions have been really useful, a perfect opportunity to engage, and we’ve had a decent number at each one.”

While Zoe and the team hope to be able to visit stations across the county once restrictions are lifted, in the meantime going virtual remains the plan.

“We’ll leave the online sessions now until after the summer holidays, and then we’ll arrange some more because they are really handy,” she said.

“The geography of the force means it’s going to take us some time to get around to every station.

“So, we’ll continue with the catch-ups, and because we’ve had so many questions about pensions, we’re going to organise a pension specific session, and we’ll get somebody from Leatherhead (PFEW HQ) along to that plus probably a pension expert, Rob Keith, the financial advisor we use.

“It’ll be a bit of an information update on this is what the current situation is, but also this is the financial advice you need.”

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