Welcoming new Hampshire Police Federation Vice Chair Neil Nancarrow

Hampshire Police Federation has a new Vice Chair – it’s congratulations and a warm welcome to Neil Nancarrow.

Neil said: “I am really Looking forward to being involved in assisting in supporting new Chair Zoe Wakefield in her new role and all the hard-working police officers that work tirelessly throughout Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

“Many officers will already know me… perhaps more so by my nickname ‘Marrow’ which has stuck from day one in the Police – and I am more than happy to be called Marrow by everyone.

“If you do not know me, I have been in the Police for over 20 years, starting as a Special Constable at Fratton Police Station. I joined up as a regular officer in 2000 and have been R&P, SNT for many years in Woolston, Special Branch and more recent in Resolution Centre and now at the Triage Hub which is currently in Winchester.

“I have been a Police Federation Representative for two and a half years, in which time I have supported numerous officers in Misconduct, Equality and through Sickness and I’ll health retirement. I thrive on being able to help and assist officers, in so many ways – and our biggest influence is speaking and negotiating through supervisors and managers to get best results for our members in any questions and queries that come our way.

“You can find many answers to questions you may have online on our website but I’m always available to help where I can.

“I bring enthusiasm and commitment to the role of Vice Chair and I look forward to the future in continuing to support our members. Keep smiling everyone. There is so much your Federation can do in supporting officers so please call us if you need anything.

“We are always around to help.”

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