#ProtectTheProtectors: 1,304 Hampshire police officers assaulted over the past year

1,304 police officers in Hampshire were assaulted last year. That’s 25 every week. More than 3 officers assaulted every single day.

Figures published by the Government show that nationally, there were 36,969 assaults on police officers in England and Wales last year. That’s a 20%+ annual national rise.

It works out as 720 assaults a week, 101 assaults on police officers every day and more than 4 assaults every hour.

Zoe Wakefield, Chair of Hampshire Police Federation, said: “Yet again we have seen an increase in assaults on officers. This is a worrying trend – and action is needed now to stop this.

“There are just not enough officers. Too many times officers are either alone and or with one other officer trying to control violent offenders. If there were more officers, firstly the offender may think again about being violent. Secondly it is easier for officers to get control of them when there are more of us.

“We also need the criminal justice system to realise the seriousness of these assaults and issue appropriate sentencing. There are too many times when offenders are given lenient sentences or not even prosecuted. Magistrates and judges must view the BWV prior to sentencing.”

11,235 police officers were injured when the public assaulted them over the past year – that’s 30 injuries to police officers every single day of the year.

Zoe added: “Of course it’s not just about trying to prevent the assaults but also about looking after officers once they are assaulted. It is really pleasing that Op Hampshire is being rolled out nationwide but I was surprised that not all forces were doing it already.

“We can never underestimate the impact of these assaults on officers. The physical wounds heal much quickly than the psychological ones.”


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